Friday, 2 April 2010

Kids and money

I had quite a reaction to my last post about why delaying gratification is the most important lesson to teach your kids. 

The whole issue of how we cultivate the right 'mini' money-mindsets definitely hit a rather frazzled financial nerve for lots of you.

Don't forget there are lots of tips about this in Sheconomics.

The chapter on Sharing Financial Intimacies is a life-line for every pestered parent.

It deals with pocket money, how to give kids a sense of value,  handing down good strategies but NOT your neuroses, the use of financial 'rewards' and saving.

So, if you're a parent, do consult the book and start nurturing those young money minds today!

I do also love the save-spend-share idea behind the moonjar - a three sectioned moneybox that teaches  children that money isn't just for spending, it's for saving and sharing too!
A lovely way to build your kids' financial literacy skills.

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