Wednesday, 26 August 2009

Put it on expenses.....

I was interviewed on LBC Radio today about the case of the guy who falsely claimed half a million quid's worth of expenses from his employers. The reason he gave was that he had to fund his wife’s lavish lifestyle.

A London paper I picked up on the train today had a huge photo of the wife on the front page, while the guy’s photo was tucked away in a corner. OK, the wife might have been na├»ve, unhappy and demanding, but let’s not forget he was the one who broke the law.

As I said in my interview, financial secrets are the kiss of death to any relationship. Communication is absolutely crucial and our chapter on Financial Intimacy in Sheconomics delves further into this.

I think most of us might have stopped and asked him, on yet another one of those luxury holidays, where the money was coming from?

Thursday, 20 August 2009

Small change blindness

Here’s a quick question. If someone was serving you at a counter, disappeared for a few seconds and a different person came back and continued serving you, you’d notice right?


Or at least wrong for about 75% of us, who fall victim to something psychologists call Change Blindness.

How many changes in our financial world do we fail to notice?

Right before our eyes, interest rates have fallen from around 5% to 0.5%, yet have we switched provider to get the best deal around? Most current accounts now pay less than 0.1% interest whereas a year ago only about half paid such a measly amount. The banks make most of their money from existing customers who don’t bother moving their money elsewhere.

There are still some good offers around though, check them out on www. And remember that loyalty rarely pays in personal finance.

More about change blindness in this youtube clip.

Thursday, 6 August 2009

Women on their Way to Wealth

There’s something incredibly powerful about women working and pulling together towards aspirational goals. Pitch the sisterhood against the brotherhood and I know who my money would be on (Sister Sledge vs Brotherhood of Man? No contest!).

That’s why I’m inspired by the work of an organization called Women on Their Way (or WOW – great acronym). It’s dedicated to supporting and mobilizing women from all backgrounds to get what they want from life. So I’m thrilled to be their Keynote speaker at their special event all about women and money. It's a breakthrough day in Birmingham on November 27th 2009.

If you’re interested in joining other women who want to smash through their financial limiting beliefs, check it out here.