Tuesday, 30 December 2008

Got enough stuff yet?

Whoever said "Life isn't a race to see who can get the most stuff" obviously hadn't seen people falling over each other to get back into the shops on Boxing Day.

The homes of most folk I know already resemble a small department store by the time Christmas is over. Surely there can't be anything left that anyone needs? 

Not that shopping behaviour has anything to do with need, of course. Many people shop for a whole host of psychological, emotional and social reasons, as we talk about in SHECONOMICS.

If you're back in the shops next week, SHECONOMICS is coming out in just 9 DAYS
If not, there's always the lovely internet. You can get the book cheaper if you pre-order from Waterstone's.

Monday, 22 December 2008

Sign of the times

If you’d wandered past the Bank of England today and spotted a couple of Sheconomists striking a pose on the steps, it was just Simonne and I having a photo shoot for our feature in a national newspaper next month.

In true Sheconomical style we were told just beforehand that, due to cutbacks, there would be no styling, hair or make-up support for us. Yikes!

Simonne was a bit worried that she wasn’t wearing a jot of make up. 
I suspect I was wearing enough for both of us……

Saturday, 20 December 2008

19 days...and counting

According to the Evening Standard, Sheconomics is the Buzz Word to watch out for......and there's now fewer than 3 weeks to wait, with the book Sheconomics hitting the bookshops on January 8th.

With the buzz of excitement mounting and the economy heading in the opposite direction, we expect copies of Sheconomics to fly off the shelves. 

So pre-order a copy on-line if you want to be sure of getting one. 
Just £5.99
You get £2 off and free UK delivery if you pre-order from Waterstones. 

Wednesday, 10 December 2008


No not Christmas, that's still 15 days away as far as I know.

But the long-awaited release date for Sheconomics, the book, is now less than a month away on January 8th.

It's so exciting. Just as the new year brings those new bills and credit card statements, we hope it'll give women everywhere a way out of those economic doldrums.

If you want to make sure of a copy, you can pre-order (with £2 off) from Waterstones now.

Thursday, 4 December 2008

Simonne asks....What does the change in base rate mean for you?

The Bank of England has again slashed interest rates, this time by 1%, taking them down to 2% - the lowest level since 1951.
It’s just like buses – you wait ages for one and then several come along at once. And it looks like they may come even down further next year. 
While it’s great news for many homeowners, my question to you is how will you use your improved cashflow? Is this the justification you need to splash out more on Christmas or buy yourself or your family some extra treats? Or will you use the savings to help you pay down debt quicker (including your mortgage) or fund other goals that previously felt further out of reach? I know what I’ll be doing …