Friday, 16 April 2010

How satisfied with life are you?

A recent study showed that more women are highly satisfied with life in general than men. Modern life is complicated for everybody, but women tend to have better coping strategies than men. For example, women are more likely than men to go to their GP if life gets them down. They are also better at getting connected to people and seeking support from family and friends. Being more optimistic and less competitive, women are better able to restore themselves to a happy state.

The study also showed that, of all the things in life that women would like to improve,  a healthy level of savings, clearing debts and paying off the mortgage ranked highly. Men also placed importance on such financial improvements, indicating that both men and women want more control over their money and that today’s life aspirations focus on better financial planning and preparation for the future.  

The strong link between financial health and mental well-being revealed by the survey is really important. Our sense of well-being is closely tied to our financial stability and if this is threatened we suffer feelings of insecurity. Women rate their financial aspirations highly because being debt-free and financially stable makes them feel secure and more in control.

The research was commissioned by first direct  because, “As a bank that has customer satisfaction at its heart, we wanted to understand the level of satisfaction and happiness across the UK." Nice to know a bank cares about its customers' satisfaction.

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