Friday, 27 November 2009

The buzz at Birmingham

What an amazing time I had today at the Women on their Way to Wealth conference. I had such a positive response to my keynote talk from so many women and the sheer energy in the room today was palpable. I'm sure anyone looking down from outer space would have seen Birmingham glowing!
The combined wisdom, humour, creativity and vision of 150 go-getting women is a powerful force indeed. Thanks so much to Jo and Lisa at Women on their Way for putting on a really inspiring and uplifting event.
Wise words from Johanna Waagfjord, one of Iceland's top businesswomen, were "Just say Yes", reinforcing Jo's message that women are prone to overthinking and need to just take the plunge now and again.
Talking of 'plunge' I am still smiling at Jo's slip when she mentioned that she was 'hugely breast'. She meant blessed but hey, we all know about post-natal hormones and she's a wonder.
At book-signing a few different inscriptions were requested but the best one was from one woman to her friend - "JFDI" (Just f*cking do it)!
And thanks to Deb Davies for telling all mothers to say "You're on MY bus". The perfect mantra for all mums whose kids give them the run-around.

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