Sunday, 30 March 2008

Pinkonomics – they’re after our daughters!

Well done Eleanor Bailey for alerting us all to the Tyranny of Pink in Saturday’s Guardian.

Marketing people have decided the road to a girl’s pocket is paved with pink. So as soon as your daughter is old enough to express a consumer preference, she’s wooed into believing that the only colour she wants to wear, sleep in, play with and cuddle is pink. The subliminal message here is there is ‘only one way to be feminine’, and it’s by surrounding yourself with all things puke – I mean puce. How can we encourage uniqueness and incite individuality when faced with such a dearth of choice?

We’ve no idea what the cover of Sheconomics is going to look like when it comes out next January. But Simonne and I have been researching the female-orientated book market. And guess what? Yes, you’d think the world of publishing had been taken over by Barbie. They’re all pink. We know Headline will wave its fairy wand and come up with a fab cover for Sheconomics. Let’s just hope they spare us our blushes.

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