Saturday, 29 March 2008

Calories and salaries

Quick Sheconomics question.
What do spending and eating have in common?

Well, people get fat when they put more in than they take out (calories).
And people get into debt when they take more out than they put in (salaries!).

Simple, huh?

Get the equation right and we've solved the obesity crisis and the credit crunch in one fell swoop. Except that the consumption of both calories and goods isn’t under the strict control of a sensible, rational fund (or bun) manager! There are all kinds of emotions that can hijack the balancing act and throw everything into chaos. That’s the bit with which Sheconomics is concerned.

My current research is asking people who think they might have a less than firm grip on either their feasting or their finances (or both) a few questions. It’s just a quick survey and your views would be much appreciated. Click Here to take survey

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