Saturday, 5 January 2008

“I owed almost £25,000 on credit cards and my financial advisor warned me that I could lose my home if I did not stop spending”. So says Catherine Hardy in a 2 page article in today’s Telegraph magazine.
And the financial advisor who came to the rescue? Simonne, of course, co-founder of Sheconomics.
Simonne got Catherine to do the unthinkable – buy toiletries and cleaning stuff from the pound shop, ditch insurance policies, cut her food bill from £500 to £350 a month, replace expensive debt with a bank loan and become a compulsive bargain hunter.
Thanks to Simonne, Catherine now describes herself as a fully paid-up ‘frugalette’…’the trendy thing to be’ and declares jubilantly ‘what better way is there to move into the New Year?’

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