Sunday, 4 November 2007

There are loads of things that make weekends special, i'd count the weekend newspapers among them.
Sometimes I come across things that surprise me (that fact that Ken Dodd has a stalker), whilst other news items verge on the blinking obvious.
This weekend for example we’re told that we eat more chickens than ducks in the UK. Hardly a shocker to anyone who’s observed the notable absence of Kentucky Fried Duck outlets.
Another was the ‘news’ that people in debt often experience stress and worry. Again, not exactly gob-smacking news but serious nonetheless. Being in debt threatens long-term health and relationships.
Vivienne Parry in the Times on Saturday said “Debt is a modern fact of life but to avoid our health being damaged we need to be open and honest about it….[this] will ensure that we get help early and avoid those two fatal mistakes, hoping it will go away if we ignore it and getting into more debt to solve it.” We know this is something women, in particular, struggle with.

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