Thursday, 27 January 2011

Don't drive miles for cheap petrol.

This photo was taken on a visit to Liverpool last year....ooh, makes you want to rush in there for some health advice doesn't it?

On the rare occasions that I visit the gym (I know, I know) I always get really miffed if I can't find a parking space close to the entrance. As if walking a few hundred yards isn't exactly what I need to do.
Are you a living bundle of contradictions? Now there's talk of reducing the price of petrol, are you tempted to drive around looking for the cheapest deal?
Do you eat ready meals while watching cookery programmes? Lie on the sofa watching a fitness video?  Slouch around wearing jogging pants and running shoes?

Well, can we suggest you sprint over to the money made clear website  for a workout that most of us could do with at this time of year. Financial fitness here we come.
We particularly like their 'Give your money a workout' article.
You can gorge on all their solid, sensible, straightforward advice  - and it won't cost you a penny.


  1. That photo makes me want to rush in and sweep the entrance, add a few trees and garlands to the courtyard- perhaps a couple of benches and paint the whole facade. It looks like a prison!!

    Hmm contradictions - I eat spoonfuls of Cajeta (mexican caramel sweet stuff) while planning the weekly meals - but in a way it's OK as I'm planning healthy meals?
    Or how about lunching in Chelsea while I've just hit 0 on my bank account. Where is the restraint?!?! Maybe that's another issue altogether! Thanks for the Money Made Clear link - looks like there's plenty to read on there!

  2. Thanks for that - I'm with you on giving the outside a makeover, but would that then contradict what the inside must be like?! makes you wonder...


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