Tuesday, 15 December 2009

The gift that keeps on giving?

After the Daily Mail ran a story about regifting, featuring my research, today I’ve done lots of radio interviews on this topic.
Regifting is getting more popular and many justify it because it’s green and economical.
I think we’re all passing on unwanted gifts simply because we have too much stuff.
But palming off your tat onto someone else isn’t going to solve the problem (and could lead to disappointed reactions and hurt feelings at Christmas).
My research with Ocado showed that luxury chocolates and champagne are sure winners (you can sneak them into the online grocery order too). Few people would regift those and many would be chuffed to get them.
But if we really don’t know what to buy someone why not give time, offer to cook a meal, babysit and do some gardening?
And instead of regifting those novelty socks or that hideous vase to someone else why not take it to the charity shop? I like the idea that a person might buy it as a gift for someone who then gives it to the charity shop and they sell it again...and so on...recycling with a conscience!

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  1. Love the ideas!!

    I purchased empty ornaments & artificial mistletoe recently and stuffed the mistletoe in the ornaments along with left over ribbon from years before and made a lot of gifts this year.


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