Wednesday, 22 April 2009

Tell it like it is!

If you thought a hedge fund was something gardeners paid into, don’t worry, I find the language of finance pretty daft too.

No wonder a lot of us are confused and just don’t want to go there.

Why do we ‘secure’ a mortgage instead of just having one? Why say ‘capital growth’ instead of just ‘getting money’?
How can we say a debt ‘attracts’ interest? What’s attractive about it?
And surely only a man could have dreamed up ‘fiscal stimulus’ (OK, or Anne Summers). Ditto ‘quantitative easing’.

One of our lovely reviewers on Amazon said of Sheconomics,
Great to read something that isn’t full of jargon and number crunching’. We're trying to keep things that way.

In the Readers Q&A section on the website we answer readers’ questions with some straightforward talking, so don’t be afraid to pose a question there. However stupid you might think it, we bet there are loads of others who are equally befuddled……

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