Friday, 3 October 2008

Keeping one eye on the credit-crunch

It's quite scary isn't it? All this credit-crunch crisis and talk about cutting back.

Where do we start, I'm sure many women will ask themselves, particularly those who fear their face will fall off if they stop using expensive beauty products.
They could try my friend V's experiment.

Worried about eye-wrinkles V decided she had reached that eye-cream stage of life. The adviser in her local store recommended one for £95. So V persuaded the girl to part with a sample size for free.

Then she applied the cream religiously every night. To her left eye.

Two weeks later V and hubbie are having dinner.
V asks: Does one of my eyes look brighter, more youthful and less wrinkled than the other?
Hubbie: Yes, now you come to mention it, it does.
V: Which one?
H: Your right one.

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