Sunday, 6 July 2008

However much I try, I cannot get my heart to sink when I hear the phrase ‘credit-crunch’.

Even ‘income squeeze’ doesn’t grip me with fear. And recession, I think, has a nice ring to it.

If it means we can say bye-bye to bling, say up-the-Joneses instead of keeping up with them, and reject rampant consumerism, surely that’s a good thing? Then we can find creative ways of cutting things like our utility bills. Edna Everage halved her electricity bill just by turning off her husband’s life support machine. Perhaps I’ll try low-energy light bulbs.


  1. What a great thought. But how does this fit with ideas of abundance, do you think?

  2. Peter - good point - and there's a great article on how abundance abounds in nature although human existence seems tied to the antithesis.....see


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