Wednesday, 25 June 2008

Why aren't banks clairvoyant?

Annoying, inefficient, expensive…… my reactions to absent-mindedness. Of which I’ve had a few moments lately (going upstairs and wondering what I went up for, waving my wet hands under the tampon machine in the ladies, forgetting to post a blog, you know the kind of thing).

I was reassured that the considerably-younger-than-me brilliant wit and comedian Sue Perkins admitted she’d had a direct debit going out of her account for insurance on a home she hasn’t lived in for six years.
“I should have informed them when I moved” she says, adding with surprise, “apparently there’s no clairvoyance with banking which is annoying”.
Hugely annoying, Sue, we're with you on that one.

Note to self to check all direct debits on bank statements. Maybe that’s what I went upstairs for.

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