Sunday, 25 May 2008

Simonne's hot tip for budgeting on the go!

Hey, I’ve just discovered a nifty little budgeting tool that you can download onto your mobile phone.

You keep track of day-to-day spending by recording it on your phone. It lets you set your own spending limit on things like food & drink, clothes or entertainment. Then you compare actual spending against the limit you set. Much easier than scrambling around for a notebook when you’ve spent £3.40 on a sandwich! You choose how you want your spending reported - daily, weekly or monthly.

It’s free to download (just the cost of connecting to the internet for a short while) but your phone needs to be WAP enabled. You can download the ‘spendometer’ by visiting Credit Action’s website: or by opening your phone's web browser and going to: or It will then try to download and install automatically.

You can now have fun staying in control of your spending!

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