Tuesday, 19 February 2008

Clearly, Bagonomics is a subject I couldn’t even get a GCSE in.

In my last blog I voiced serious misgivings about the investment value of handbags.
Then Lisa Armstrong writes in the Times mag on Saturday about the huge profits to be made by playing the e-bay bag market. There’s a danger though, as she points out, that while trying to make money on your bag you spot an even more desirable recherchĂ© 2.55 Reissue Chanel that (apparently) any self-respecting bag lady just has to have. And at the click of a mouse you’ve bid away your profit and a bit more. I always thought anorak-behaviour was just for the boys, but it seems that e-Bay has thrown up some serious female bag-spotters.


  1. Karen - one of my clients summed it it beautifully two years ago when she came out from under the shopping spell and woke up to a full and meaningful life - "Shopping for handbags is vacuous." Nadia and Emily are on our wavelength too at www.moretolifethanshoes.com

  2. Thanks thinkingwoman - a great quote!
    And the More to Lifer site is one of my favourites.


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