Wednesday, 11 January 2012

When did you last do something different?

Are you a human habit machine?
Here's a quick test, taken from Flex:Do Something Different:

  • wear the same outfit because it’s easy or comfortable?
  • express the same view?
  • do something you said you'd give up doing?
  • sit in the same spot to watch TV or eat a meal?
  • visit the same holiday destination?
  • recall negative things that people have said or done to you?
  • watch a regularly scheduled TV programme?
  • get bothered when people change plans at the last minute?
If you answered YES to three or more of these statements then you are probably very habitual. Yes, habits are comfortable but they mean many of us end up using only about a tenth of our potential.
The answer is to do something different. Why? Because it help improve a person's behavioural flexibility. And years of doing psychological research have convinced me that behavioural flexibility is the one critical asset we all need for a healthy and happy life.
That's why Do Something Different runs through all the work I do. It's incredibly powerful, and it's fun and life-enhancing too. 
We deliver behaviour change tools based on do something different via and......

I'm so excited because we've put all the science and the methods for Do Something Different into ONE FABULOUS NEW BOOK.
It's called Flex: Do Something Different, How to use the other 9/10ths of your personality.
(Published by UH Press. See panel below right).

It's released on 16th January 2012 and is available from Amazon for pre-order

I hope you'll buy it, particularly if your habits need a good old shake-up!


  1. Sounds exciting! Good to get the occasional reminder to do something different! Forget that often.

  2. I'm hoping that this book will help me out of the habits of my recent lifetime; to move on to doing something with my time that I enjoy again, rather than just for the money.

  3. Thanks for your comments - don't forget to email me your address for a copy of the book!

  4. Oh my God I had no idea I was so routinized! I have had a jaded feeling recently and thoughts of making changes. I look forward to reading this book to give me the help I need to do that.

  5. Hilary
    I follow routines all the time and although I was aware of this I had not considered that it may be harming me. I'm hoping this book will shake me up a little and give me ideas for how to improve myself and my finances!

  6. I'm the same!!! Literally! Someone once said if you keep doing the same thing and expect a different outcome then you're insane. I eat the same thing, exercise the same each week, wear the same clothes etc. I always take exactly the same route to work but couldn't tell you which shops I pass. Time to wake up, shake up and make that change!

  7. i am currently trying to think of ways to plan a business trip in a different way - i have been attending the same event for 10 years and want to see it all differently and change my habits!

  8. i am currently trying to plan a business trip to an event i have been attending for more than 10 years - trying to change my habits around the trip and how i see the event and what i do there!

  9. Wow, I do a lot of these things! I think I notice habitual behaviour much mroe when I am driving. I always go the same routes and use the same petrol stations and get very nervous if I have to deviate from them!

  10. I really can't wait to read this book! I read Sheconomics back in 2009 (when I never seemed to have any money and I didnt know why) and i found the DSD really inspiring. I had no idea that I was sleepwalking my way through things. Am hoping this book will help me now that i am earing more and seem to be getting more comfortbale with life. I think I am starting to get stuck in a rut as I don't really have to worry about where money is gonna come from as much a I used to I think I am just stopping trying new things etc. x

  11. Ooh, sounds great! Looking forward to reading it :)


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