Sunday, 15 January 2012


Our book launch in London tonight (16th Jan). How exciting!
If all goes well I'll post some photos up here soon. If not, I'll just post some random pictures of very sensible people being well-behaved.

The new book? It's by by Professors Ben Fletcher and Karen Pine and it's called FLEX: Do Something DifferentHow to use the other 9/10ths of your personality


Do Something Different. What a nice simple idea, someone commented recently. Yes, the idea IS simple. That’s what we like about it. 
But the science behind it is less than simple. In fact, it is based on over 30 years research. And now you can read about all the science behind do something different in the new book.
The book covers topics such as:
  • ·      The personality trap
  • ·      Shaping a life
  • ·      The myth of willpower
  • ·      Behavioural change
  • ·      Alleviating stress
  • ·      Behavioural flexibility
  • ·      Doing the right thing
  • ·      Towards greater personal coherence
  • ·      How Do Something Different works
  • ·      What a Do Something Different intervention looks like

Now you can experience for yourself the way we test people’s habit levels and their behavioural range. Be warned, it can be quite an eye-opener! These tests are used in our online programmes to design tailor-made Do’s for our Do-ers.

The Do’s, usually sent by text or email, start off simply. ‘Walk a different way to the shops’. ‘Listen to someone else’s music’. As people start to get the hang of it, the Do’s get more tailored to their own profile, spotting the gaps in their repertoire.  Helping them to expand new areas of their personality.

For example, a very systematic person might be encouraged to be more spontaneous, to:
·        Phone an old friend out of the blue
·        Turn up at the cinema and watch the next film that’s starting
·        Drop everything and invite a friend or colleague for a coffee 
And someone who’s introverted would be encouraged to try these extraverted Do’s:
·      Say hello to someone you've never spoken to before
·      Practise telling a funny story, embellish it for effect
·      Organise a night out at a karaoke bar, put your name down first.

The emphasis is on expanding the range of behaviours people use, so they flex the behaviours that don’t come naturally. People find they can approach old problems in new ways, which can help to reduce stress.

Professor Ben (C) Fletcher says about behavioural flexibility. “The more behaviours you have in your toolbox, the more able you are to react to different situations in your life, the less anxious you will be. Our Do Something Different programme helps people to develop new behaviours and break restrictive habits. It’s easy to do, most people find it great fun and it gets fantastic results.”

FLEX: Do Something Different. How to use the other 9/10ths of your personality, by psychologists Professor Ben (C) Fletcher and Professor Karen Pine, is published on 16th January 2012, by University of Hertfordshire Press and available from Amazon.

What type of machine do the authors of Flex say people are?
a) washing machine
b) mean machine
c) habit machine

Email me ( and I'll pick five correct answers at random to receive a free signed copy of Flex: Do Something Different.

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