Saturday, 7 January 2012

New print run shortly.

January 2012: Our publishers have assured us another print-run of Sheconomics is on the way soon. 
So if you're trying to order a copy, thank you for your patience.

Meanwhile, thanks to everyone who's put fabulous reviews of Sheconomics on Amazon. They are all incredibly positive about the book (and we didn't even have to pay them) :) 
Out of 14 ratings, 13 people give it FIVE STARS. 

We're thrilled to bits that so many of you love Sheconomics and we thank you for your continued support. We plan to continue to bring you lots of up-to-the-minute tips for handling your money, comments on the latest issues, as well as some quirky psychology here.

We also get fabulous reviews and comments on our Facebook page, this week Nicolette wrote: 

"The best non fiction book I have ever read. I have recommended it to all my friends and keep a very well worn copy in my hand bag . It helps me if I feel the urge to splurge on unnecessary things! Lol. On a more serious.note a truly inspirational and motivating book which everyone should read!"

Don't forget to contact us via our website if there's anything else you'd like to see here, or if you'd like to receive our newsletter. And do let us know your thoughts on the blog by leaving us your comments. We look forward to hearing more from you in 2012.

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