Monday, 30 January 2012

Take action to soften the pensions blow now

According to figures from Prudential less than a third of women expect to be financially comfortable in retirement. 
And many of those women might be overly optimistic. 
This year the average expected retirement income is £15,500. That's averaged across both genders and so for women it's likely to be considerably lower. And the trend is downwards.

The Guardian 27th January 2012

If this bothers you or affects you then use the government's state pension calculator to work out what you'll be entitled to at retirement.
Then have a read of our chapter called 'Know Tomorrow Comes' in Sheconomics, in which we demystify the pension minefield.
Then I urge you to have a look at this Guardian article - because there are steps you can take to improve your prospects. But you have to act now. Yes now. Go on, do it.

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