Thursday, 8 November 2007

Stories about people who reject consumerism seem to crop up all over the place. The Compact group came from an idea of a bunch of friends at a San Francisco dinner party who vowed not to buy anything new for a year. The idea spread and there are now 3,000 Compact followers across the world, all shopping in second hand shops, sharing their skills and giving creative home-made presents.

Today Penny Hancock of the Independent writes about her one-woman attempt to survive a year without buying clothes. Interestingly, within a month she’d saved £650 and a year on is still looking well-dressed in stuff she’d forgotten she had or has revamped, repaired or even dyed. If she had a hat I’m sure she’d take it off to one of our survey respondents who wrote:

“I certainly do not feel I deprive myself of luxuries or treats. My treats are my trips. I just earn enough to do that and do not want for more. I couldn't care less for designer labels or the latest hi-tech gadgets (what's an iPod?) to 'fit the mould'. I value my uniqueness. Nature is my source of comfort. NOT material goods - never ever ever. If I were to double my income, I'd only give more away... I feel I already have everything I could possibly need with good health and good friends”.

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