Sunday, 25 November 2007

Is having BUY NOTHING DAY (24th Nov) a month before Christmas good timing?
Certainly, if it stops women buying flashing Santa earrings.
I did my own twist on it and had a DO NOTHING DAY, which was very rewarding. I stuck to both BND creeds, i.e. Shop Less and Live More. As we toasted crumpets by the open fire in the darkness of the late afternoon I reflected on how the really good things in life do come free (or in packs of 6 for 49p).
(Also The Times kindly made my rant to the Body and Soul section their Star Letter, so I was in profit with my prize of £50 worth of organic products).
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  1. In my experience when you take purchasing out of your weekend repertoire life becomes richer in so many ways. You create, you explore and you find pleasure in simple things (your crumpets for instance). If human beings were better at regulating themselves and knowing what's good for them might we have non-purchasing days every month...every week?

  2. Love this idea, more non-purchasing but rich-living days!


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