Monday, 22 March 2010

Simonne's a guru!

Yes, it's official.

Simonne's not just a gorgeous girl with get-up-and-go but she's also a guru! Isn't that ggggreat?!

She's featured in the Daily Express today as THE person to go to for financial advice.

They feature her TIPS FOR A BETTER FINANCIAL LIFE. She suggests you:
  • Identify the emotional triggers that make you spend
  • Keep a diary, note the time of day and how you were feeling when you spent
  • Find alternative ways of filling that time, emotional gap or need
- So if guilt about not spending time with your children motivates you to splash out on gifts for them, play a game with them that evening instead
- If shopping is a lunchtime habit turn in the opposite direction instead of heading for the shops, you never know what you might discover!

There's lots of other life advice in the article but don't neglect your financial health, when we're financially secure it affects our whole sense of well-being.

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