Sunday, 21 March 2010

Simonne owns up to some unintended generosity!

Mobile phone warning

Do you use your mobile phone while abroad?

If so, be careful to avoid the mistake I just made (says Simonne). As my phone has the facility to pick up emails and connect to the internet, I use these facilities minimally while abroad to avoid hefty charges. But while playing the fun Aunt and letting my niece play a game that was downloaded on my phone , I didn't know each time she used it she was connecting to the internet. I managed to rack up a shocking £120 of data roaming charges for that short pleasure.

At least it wasn’t as bad as the German guy who was charged £41,000 for downloading a TV programme on his mobile!

My phone company’s been understanding and (as a true Sheconomist would) I’m in the process of negotiating these charges down to something more reasonable.

From July, new rules are being introduced to prevent this, but for now my advice is switch off the data roaming facility on your phone before you leave the country. If you don’t know how, ask any teenager to show you!

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  1. I am abroad right now with my new iPhone and very quickly realised that 1 MB of data is not a lot, but the £3 per MB is. I am now on flight mode and only switch it off when texting or phoning. The only flight mode, it seems that saves you money and doesn't rack up a large CO2 "bill" either.


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