Monday, 26 October 2009

Your financial fitness regime from Simonne

I’ve just started getting into a habit of jogging most days (well – it’s only a tad faster than walking, but it’s a start!).

I’m noticing how it’s getting easier by the day and that, just by maintaining it, I’m able to stick to a level of fitness which is pretty much what I hoped I’d achieve.

It got me thinking about the similarities with getting into good money habits.

It’s just as hard getting started (all too easy to find excuses), and then keeping things up can be challenging.

But once you’ve found the right financial fitness regime I’m sure you’ll share the experience of finding it easier to maintain by the day and never having to experience the pain of getting started.

And it doesn’t have to be perfect to make it worthwhile.

So if money management is something you’re putting off, what can you do today to get started?

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