Sunday, 11 October 2009

It pays to start early

A big bash was held in London this week to celebrate top female fund managers. Its star was 58-year old American, Mina Gerowin, who (managing a £2 billion fund) posted positive results last year whilst many of her male counterparts racked up losses.

As delighted as I was to hear about these alpha females giving the men a run for their hedge-fund money, I was mindful of a report earlier this year showing that most women in the city still receive significantly lower salaries and smaller bonuses than men.

So how did Gerowin rise above this?

Apparently her interest in investing came when she joined her New York school’s investment club as a nine year old.

I think UK schools missed a trick there; 50 years ago the only after-school activity our schools offered was detention.

There's more on offer nowadays but I suspect not many nine-year olds are investing. Given the demise of the state pension it wouldn't be a bad idea though.

I can see Mums sending kids off to school with their dinner money in one pocket and their pension money in another before too long...

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  1. The investment club at age 9 is, alas, a lie made up by a reporter I did not speak to. I did mention in my speech that in a math lesson insixth grade (ages 11 - 12) every child brought in a quarter and together we bought one share of stock. Daily we learned how to read the stock pages and tracked its rise and fall(then by eighths of a dollar) learning fractions and percentages along the way. My interest was peaked. It was a great math lesson, we had a party at year end with the profits, and I was hooked. Best, Mina


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