Tuesday, 20 October 2009

Stop feeding the bin!

Here’s a quick question. How much food do you think we Brits chuck away every day?

a) Half a million tonnes

b) 1.6 million tonnes

c) 6.7 million tonnes

The shocking answer is c! And it costs the average family £420 a year. It’s like scraping eight slimy, putrifying, past-their-sell-by-date pounds into the bin every week. I blame supermarkets, who encourage people to overbuy with their constant BuyOneGetOneFree (BOGOF) offers.

And, up until now, delivered groceries have been a problem because you couldn’t be sure the produce was fresh enough to last.

But I love the fact that Ocado are tackling this. They show the use-by date on all the fresh stuff on their website. It’s also printed on your receipt so you stick it on your fridge as a guilty reminder of what to use up. Brilliant.

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