Thursday, 23 April 2009

Simonne sums up the budget for you

So… how have we women fared in yesterday's Budget? The good bits of news

- the amount you can pay each tax year into tax-free ISAs will be increasing
from £7,200 to £10,200 a year, up to £5,100 of which can be held in cash.
- Grannies caring for their grandkids will receive credits to help them
receive a full state pension at retirement.
- No stamp duty for properties worth less than £175,000 until the end of the year 
to help first-time house buyers.
- Child trust funds up by £100 per year for disabled children and
£200 per year for severely disabled children

The hardest hit are the high earners amongst you (those earning £150,000 or
more), who will pay more income tax and get less tax relief on pension contributions. 
It doesn't come into effect immediately so there's time for a bit of planning.

For more about how the Budget will affect you have a look at the BBC's
Budget calculator:

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