Sunday, 5 April 2009

First study to show spending linked to menstrual cycle

Another milestone event this week was presenting my latest research to the British Psychological Society Annual Conference, in a paper 'Women's spending behaviour is menstrual cycle sensitive'.

After news coverage in the Sunday Telegraph and Daily Mail, it became the BBC news online's  most shared story and was featured on radio broadcasts worldwide.

Meanwhile here is the abstract from the BPS paper:

Fluctuations in hormones across the menstrual cycle have been shown to account for variations in a wide range of cognitive and affective responses in women. Functional MRI studies have shown that activity in the orbitofrontal cortex, responsible for inhibitory control and emotion regulation, varies across the menstrual cycle. This study demonstrates a behavioural correlate of that fluctuation. Women’s behaviour with money was found to be menstrual-cycle sensitive with self-regulatory behaviour being lowest in the luteal phase, giving rise to excessive and unplanned spending behaviour.

I'll make a pdf file of the slides for the talk, if you want a copy email me (

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