Friday, 8 January 2010

Staying in's the new going out.

Where I live in Herts is like a frozen wasteland at the moment. There's so much snow that I haven't left the house for days!

That's not as desperate as it sounds.

I had papers to write and have got lots done without interruptions, holed up in one room, not quite wearing fingerless gloves and sipping cabbage soup but nearly, feeling a bit like Anne Frank (but with friendlier neighbours).

I did manage to force my husky dogs out to the post-box, to send the five winners of signed books their prizes for helping with research.
Thanks Nina, Nicolette, Janet, Debbie and Alisoun!
Hope you enjoy the books, not just Sheconomics but the latest one 'The Do Something Different Journal: 100 Ways to Shake Up Your Life' by me and Professor Ben Fletcher.

If you've taken part in our research surveys in the past, a big, warm, thermal-lined thank you.
We'll run further competitions soon and who knows, we could be digging Postman Pat out of a snow drift and pointing him in your direction soon!

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