Sunday, 29 November 2009


AXA survey really highlighted how reluctant people are to go for financial advice. One in seven people said they'd rather go to the dentist than to a financial advisor. The tips we devised to make it easier for the most-reluctant are:

· Take the first step

Visualise your goal. Have a clear sense of where you want to be. Break down how you are going to get there into small steps. Then take one small step towards your goal today.

· Make it known

Own up to a fear or problem and share it with someone you trust. Enlist the help of a supportive buddy. Once you’ve put it out into the world there’s more chance of a solution.

· Get outside yourself

If you’re trapped by inertia and indecision, ask yourself ‘What would X do?’ Think of someone who you believe has it right financially - then put it into action.

· The law of opposites

You can trick your brain by behaving in the opposite way to how you feel. So acting as if you are the person you want to be will conquer some of the barriers you’ve been putting up.

· Reframe

Putting a different spin on problems can lead to a fresh approach. If the idea of a pension bores you, for example, reframing it as a gift to your future self could shift your mindset.

Almost two thirds of the people surveyed said they would seek help - if they could find someone they trusted.

Simonne has helped hundreds of people sort out their finances, so if you're one of the reluctant ones she may be able to help you -have a look at Wise Monkey Financial Coaching.

Or go to This great site, run by top personal finance journalist Sarah Pennells, has a panel of experts on hand to answer your financial questions.

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