Friday, 9 May 2008

Sheconomics...Dear reader,

It's been pretty hectic on planet Sheconomics lately.

The book Sheconomics is motoring along and we've been getting onto its pages everything women have told us about their relationship with money. That's no mean feat. Or should I say no mean feet given the shoe-habits some have divulged.

Anyway we're really tuning into who will love the book. If you recognise yourself on the list below it'll be worth spending your well-earned money on a book about, well... about managing money:

o Every time you feel happy/ sad/anything, you celebrate by shopping
o You’re struggling to understand why there’s always so much month left at the end of the money
o You’re in debt up to your eye-balls and have just got to do something about it
o You tremble with fear/guilt/excitement at the mere mention of money and have decided it’s time to get a grip
o You’re incredibly sorted in all areas of your life but somehow, along the way – you forgot to get a pension/make investments/provide for your financial future.

Back soon!

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