Thursday, 24 April 2008

The price of financial security

Simonne asks:
How much money do you reckon the average Brit needs to sleep well at night, feeling safe in the knowledge that they’re financially secure, without any money worries?
Well, Kaupthing Edge (the Icelandic bank who made a debut in the UK savings market a couple of months ago – yes, I know, strange name!) has done some research on this very question.
They believe that £92,507 would do it. In fact, for men the figure came out as £101,999, while women apparently don’t need quite so much to feel secure - £82,193 would do it for us.
Financial security means different things to different people.
So, my question to you is how much money do you need stashed away to give you financial peace of mind? And, if you’ve got a partner ask them this question too. You might learn something about each other.

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