Sunday, 30 December 2007

Estimates vary, according to different sources, but it seems that over £1 billion was spent on unwanted Christmas presents this season. That’s more than the national debt of a small nation splashed out on fluffy slippers, novelty soaps and nasty tat. According to the economist Waldfogel (who’s as enthusiastic about Christmas spending as the Pope at an Anne Summers party) gift-giving only works if you can give someone exactly what they would have bought themselves. Since most presents fall a whole bath-salts-with-matching-flannel short of this mark, the result is a gift worth between only a tenth and a third than it actually cost! I’m really keen to research this and to find out what people really feel about getting gifts that peeve rather than please. Even more interesting, how do we really know if people like what we give them? What does ‘just what I always wanted’ really mean, if it’s said through gritted teeth or while trying to suppress a gagging reflex?
Here’s my survey into gift receiving and giving – give it a go!
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