Saturday, 1 December 2007

How much of our life is planned and how much do we just 'let happen'? My fantastic friend Jessica phoned me the other day and suggested we have a special pre-Christmas get-together. Cool, I thought.
But Jessica's no ordinary girl and I knew it wouldn't be an ordinary lunch or dinner outing.
'Let's do some reflecting on what's gone well this year and what we want to go well next year and how we're going to make it happen' she chirped excitedly. 'Round your house, bottle of wine, I'll bring nibbles'.
Fantastic. Planning, in any shape or form - whether its financial, family or life planning- injects life with excitement, meaning and a sense of purpose. I also know that good things happen to people who make them happen - and Jessica's one of those people (I'll even give her a plug here - go to

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