Saturday, 15 January 2011

10 easy money actions for the financially challenged

...or the financial phobic.

None of these are scary. Or difficult.  But they could make a huge difference to your financial health.

Decide how many of them you will tick off this year: 

1.    Get on-line banking (if you haven’t already). Stick a weekly reminder in your diary to check your statement. Marvel at (or bemoan) where the money goes. Tackle leaks.

2.    Charity shop. Devise a whole new image based on charity shop finds. You can always restyle or dye stuff. Fashion victim = financial failure.

3.    Perform some plastic surgery. Cut up credit cards and just use cash. Slash and burn store cards, show them no mercy.

4.    Learn about compound interest. It’s how investments grow and why debts go ballistic. Spend 5 minutes getting to grips with it here. Feel immediately enlightened. Smug even.

5.    Sweep some money into a savings account. Every month. Do it by direct debit. You won’t miss it going out but you’ll love it piling up.

6.    Ask someone for money. Now. Nag your boss for a rise. Call in debts. Haggle for a discount on your next purchase. Take something back, demand a refund.

7.    Make kids earn money. Stop being their cash cow. Make them get a job or sell old toys on eBay. Threaten to charge them rent. If they’re over 18 charge them rent. Be less tough on toddlers.

8.    Deal with credit card debt. Transfer to a 0% interest card. If your savings earn less interest than you’re paying on your card, use them to pay off the debt.

9.    Play the long game. Give your future self a gift. Boost pension payments (or start one). Over-pay on the mortgage. Take out a 5 or 10 year high-interest investment.

10.  Stem the flow of wasted money. Unused gym memberships. Forgotten magazine subscriptions. Thirsty cars. Taxi/takeaway/smoking/alcohol habits. Put what you save into a separate account, just for you.


  1. Will pass this on to my daughter she could use some financial advice....

  2. Love love love this! Especially fashion victim = financial failure. :)


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