Wednesday, 13 October 2010

Do you have a high tolerance for low pay?

Simonne tackles the low-earners:

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As women, we often undervalue our worth and dread asking for pay rises or increasing our rates. We happily give away our time and skills at bargain prices because we don't trust that we're worth more. 

If you can identify with this, here's a trick to help you convince yourself that you’re worth whatever you want to earn:

Take yourself off into a room alone for five minutes. Then, say out loud the amount you want to earn. It’s important to actually speak, rather than just think. Shout out your ideal annual salary, your anticipated profits or your daily or hourly rate. 

Maybe you’re aiming for a salary of £60,000. Start by saying ‘I earn £60,000 a year’. Then double it and say, ‘I earn £120,000 a year’. Then keep doubling it again and again, until you reach a ridiculous salary that even David Beckham wouldn't sniff at.

When you reach that silly figure, practice saying aloud that you earn this whopping amount. Keep it up until you can say it in a neutral way, just as you’d reel off your own phone number. This tricks your subconscious mind into believing what you’re saying. 

Then, when you talk to your manager about a pay rise or quote a higher daily or hourly rate, it’ll seem like peanuts. You’ll come across with real conviction. 

Try it - it works! 

We've also got a great tip sheet -  'How to ask for money'  - for you to download.

By Simonne Gnessen Wise Monkey Financial Coaching 

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