Tuesday, 3 August 2010

The summer money meltdown!

Have you noticed how in summer money just melts away faster than an ice cream in a heat-wave? 
Holidays alone can put a huge dent in the budget. 
Then there’s the pre-holiday shopping, summer wardrobe, pedicure and the cost of keeping the kids from killing each other for at least six weeks. 

That’s before you’ve even splashed out for a Pimm’s!

So August’s Sheconomics newsletter features ways to cool the financial pain. Free trips for kids, special bargains and even free festivals. 
Plus some sizzling ways to stick to a budget when you’re away.

And our round-up of quirky facts about the psychology of money makes for some mind-bending holiday reading.

So all in all we’d say -a newsletter not to be missed.

Have you signed up for yours yet?

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