Sunday, 6 December 2009

Sheconomics tips for a cool yule

I wasn’t surprised to read that seven out of ten people report money as their main stressor, according to a US survey for the American Psychological Association. And the Christmas holiday is one of the most tense and taxing times for nearly half of all women.
How can you buffer yourself against seasonal stress and guarantee yourself a cool yule? Here are our Sheconomics tips:
· Invest in yourself. Put aside time for some self-pampering, long walks, old movies or a riveting novel. Don’t let other demands encroach on that precious me-time.
· Have realistic expectations. Let go of idealised notions about the festive season with you as wonder-woman in flashing reindeer ear-rings. Enlighten others about what to expect, then no-one’s disappointed.
· Focus on what matters. Know what you want from the holiday season, e.g. giving back, togetherness or reflection. Make it your holiday philosophy and don’t lose that focus.
· Stick to the budget. Set a limit on what you’ll spend on gifts and food. Scale back those sneaky extras/last-minute treats or try home-made instead.
· Rope in others. Whether it’s help with planning, shopping or cooking or the need to talk and get psychological support, don’t be afraid to ask others for hep when you’re feeling overwhelmed.
Got friends who are feeling stressed about finances? A copy of Sheconomics could be the perfect gift!

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