Thursday, 10 September 2009

Please, Sir, can I have some more?

Stories about sexism in the city have cropped up everywhere this week. Women, it seems, earns far less than men in the city and encounter sexual discrimination more befitting of a Victorian workhouse than the 21st century finance world.
A thought struck me. Yes, there is sexism out there but women also have to guard against another enemy – self-sabotage. If women undervalue themselves, the world will undervalue them. Many women still confess to being uncomfortable with the concept of success. And we live in a society that still sees thrift and 'making do' as a highly prized female trait.
Women, research has shown, are twice as likely as men to volunteer (it’s good to give to others but also important to value your time) and two and a half times more likely to dread asking for a salary increase.
How should the modern woman knock down the barriers set up by society and her own self-limiting beliefs? Here’s the Sheconomical way to succeed in those negotiations:
  • · Recognise your true value
  • · Make the first move (be proactive)
  • · Prepare your case
  • · Aim realistically high
  • · Don’t settle for less
More on this is our chapter on self-limiting beliefs in Sheconomics.

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